Wake Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy E-book

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Change your strategy, and you will change your outcome.

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Are you tired of the constant hamster wheel that is your life? Do you wonder if there’s a way to exit the rat race and still have a meaningful and fulfilling life? Have you tried to exit but never fully achieved it?

If that sounds like you, then Robbert-Jan Nuis has the answer. In this straightforward guide and workbook “Wake up with the controlled exit strategy”, he outlines what’s holding you back and the strategies you need to untether yourself from the rat race successfully. It gives you the answers to the questions you have but could never solve.

Wake Up With The Controlled Exit Strategy will help you:

  • start and finish the process of becoming your true self
  • understand the use of the Body-Mind-Spirit paradigm in making the transition
  • identify and navigate the Matrix/System
  • carry out a Controlled Exit and unplug gracefully

Unlike most self-help books, this is quickly digestible and easy to refer to whenever you feel off-track.

It’s time to lead the life you’re meant to have with The Controlled Exit Strategy™.


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