Stress The Silent Killer conscious living coaching RJ NuisWe all know that fear causes stress but most people do not realize how much, Stress – The Silent Killer, has an impact on our lives. Most people will differentiate between adrenaline and fear but for the body they unfortunately are the same.

When you are scared of something the body produces the stress hormone cortisol. When you are on a coffee or sugar high the body also produces the stress hormone cortisol. You see, the body cannot distinguish between “good” adrenaline and “bad” adrenaline. Getting excited from an external event or from eating or drinking stimulating goods, your body doesn’t know the difference and so it produces cortisol in trying to deal with the situation.

Here is a short list of external factors that have been known to raise your blood pressure and thus your stress levels. Just ask yourself, how often you are, consciously or subconsciously, dealing with these kinds of things.

Fear of:

  • Losing your job
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Car payment
  • Credit card payments
  • Exams
  • Bullies
  • Debt
  • Losing your partner
  • Market crash
  • Terrorism
  • Vandalism
  • Alien invasion
  • Environmental disasters
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Global warming
  • And the list goes on.

Why Conscious Living Coaching?


Now, if these were the only things you were dealing with, you’d probably still be ok. But what if we add the following stimulants to the list.

  • Drinking coffee, tea, energy and sugary drinks
  • Video games, roller-coaster rides, violent movies and series
  • Music in shopping malls, parking garages, gas stations, parks, public transportation and supermarkets
  • Advertisements coming at you from all directions
  • Sirens in the street, violence and aggression in public
  • News and politics on TV, Radio, PC and phone

We’re living in situations where it is not quiet anymore, where there is always some kind of external influence bombarding us. Add to that mix children, partners, family and friends who are all competing for your attention you can imagine it is a sensory overload and thus causing more stress.

This means that your brain is constantly working, computing data and trying to make sense of it, trying to filter and at the same time let everything in to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Many people may think they have ADHD or something like that while in reality their brains, their systems are on constant overload and so nothing new is really going in and sticking.

This is really bad. There seems to be no down time anymore. Our brains are on constant alert. This is really bad for our system and we need to slow down iso speed up.

Stress is the absolute killer of the human psyche.

We can live and manage with high stress levels If it is reduced at some point. If the stress levels are not reduced, the continued high levels of cortisol will break down the body, mind and spirit.

With all the negative things going on around the world and the repetitive nature of the “news” we live in a constant state of fear and stress levels are skyrocketing.

  • Stress has an immediate effect on your mood, harmony, happiness, energy healing injuries and your mental health.
  • Stress or fear reduces the self-healing process making you more prone to depression and mental illness.
  • Stress also reduces your creativity, your appetite for life and stress forces you into a flee or freeze mode.
  • Stress takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you lethargic.


Controlled Exit Strategy


Fear is what keeps you in the rat race and plugged in to the matrix. Fear is the ultimate killer of dreams, goals, passion and stops you in your tracks. Fear makes you vulnerable for influences from outside yourself.

Fear stops you from listening to your own intuition and you surrender your control to others for they will “guide” and “protect” you.

Fear makes you susceptible to illnesses and diseases as your immune system fighting capabilities are placed on the back-burner until the “life threatening” situation has passed. You need to reduce stress but also fear in your life. They go hand in hand reducing the joy, happiness and health in your life.

So you see, many reasons to start living a conscious life and be happy and healthy again.


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