Social Distancing Coaching

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Social distancing and coaching sessions

The coronavirus brings many challenges for people around the world. Social distancing is one of the methods that we’re using to try and slow down and hopefully contain the outbreak.

For many, keeping distance from family, friends and loved ones is a huge offer to ask. And not being able to continue your counseling and coaching sessions in person makes it even harder to stay sane.

I am fully aware of the difficulties we are facing and the need to be able to talk to a professional about your situation, worries and concerns.

Being locked up in your own home or apartment may have seem fun for a few days. You may have even taken the time to clean up or do some DIY projects.

When it comes to keeping your sanity in a world that seems to be falling apart coaching sessions can help you deal with the current situation.

Personal reflection can help you make sense of things, decrease your anxiety and build your confidence.

Wishing everybody strength, positivity and love during these hard times.


Please feel free to contact me for online sessions via Skype or WhatsApp.


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