Slowing Down

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Slowing down is the only way forward.

In this hectic world where everything and everybody seems to be on some fast track slowing down is difficult. The world is speeding up and yet slowing down it is the only way to progress. Joining the rat race, getting on the high speed train of life does not help you live a happier life. Many people feel lost in this frantic, chaotic life and yet they keep doing the same thing hoping for better results. We live in a world where we are constantly judged by our productivity and way of doing things.

Working more and harder

We are still taught that if we work more hours, if we work more days and work harder we will get what we want. This concept however is flawed when we look at how the Universe works and functions. I am not talking about how I think it works but how scientists have figured out it works. When we are in tune with our own energy, the energy from the universe, working harder or more hours may actually be counter productive. I know this sounds weird but please keep reading. as an example.

Stress – The Silent Killer

Natural development

It takes roughly 9 months for a human baby to be born. You can’t say to the pregnant mother, just work harder and work more hours and the baby will get here sooner! it just doesn’t work that way. Things take time. flowers, trees, animals and humans take time to grow, to develop and mature. we can’t really do anything to speed this up or make it more efficient. It is perfect in the way it is already.

Slowing Down Your Life Starts with:

  1. Taking 1 hour for yourself, every day!
  2. Preparing meals
  3. Sitting down for meals!
  4. Getting enough sleep
  5. Taking time to go to work
  6. Taking more time for everything
  7. Noticing your breathing
  8. Slowing down when walking anywhere!
  9. Taking time for real contact with people, animals and nature.

You need to slow down, prioritize, be more efficient and be happier through a better balance.

Healthy food and drinks, exercising, avoiding negativity, embracing positivity, being grateful for what you do have and looking forward to things to come while enjoying life and being present are all important for a life style change.

Some Keywords of Slowing Down:

  • Slow down by being conscious of your life
  • Be present In the moment
  • Take responsibility for your life, decisions/actions/consequences
  • Eat and drink healthily
  • Be healthy and live healthy (healthy mind and healthy body)
  • Yoga/meditation/exercise
  • Do what you love…..
  • You always have a choice
  • Let go of fear
  • Keep faith
  • Trust your process
  • Enjoy every moment
  • Learn the lessons
  • Be open to unexpected things to happen
  • Learn/educate yourself
  • Think outside the box
  • Be loving
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Read books
  • Watch documentaries that help you grow

Minimize or avoid the following to help you in your process of slowing down:

  • Time on computer and social media, your life is out (T)here!
  • Alcohol, sugars and greasy foods

Focus your slowing down path on being:

  1. Positive!
  2. Loving!
  3. Compassionate!
  4. Patient

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