skype coaching conscious living coaching rj nuisThe Benefits of Coaching via Skype

Due to today’s wide variety of digital networking and connection tools and people who are frequently changing their place of living can now benefit from coaching services. Especially for Digital Nomads and Expats Coaching via Skype is a major benefit – you get the support you need while maintaining your location independent lifestyle.

For the past fifteen years, Skype™ has enabled me to work with clients all over the world on their personal journey of self-awareness and development. Virtual coaching offers personal and real-time communication via your laptop or mobile device with a microphone and camera.


Face to Face

Coaching via Skype™ is just as personal and “face-to-face” meeting up in person.

Video helps to build trust and allows me as your coach to get to know you and your needs better. Seeing your body language and non-verbal reactions reveals a lot about your personal feelings or behaviors and helps me to coach you in the most efficient way for you.


Moving around

Skype™ Coaching is a great way to continue your personal development journey while being on the move. Enjoy your coaching from wherever you want!

You found the job of your dreams in another country or the love of your life? Whatever you reasons are, as your coach I will adapt to your new lifestyle.

No matter where your life journey will take you next, Skype coaching will keep supporting you on your path to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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