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My name is Robbert and I have been an expat for 47 years and a digital nomad for the past 15 years traveling and living in different countries while supporting myself with my off and online coaching practice.

I have witnessed the changes in the world from an American, a European and an Asian perspective.

I have seen the changes in people about what is important to them

I have gone through many experiences myself being an expat from the tender age of 1 ½ years young.

My first waking up was when I was 16 years old.

My second waking up was when I was 30 years old quitting my job with KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) breaking off my engagement and traveled to India to reconnect with myself and went back to school in the USA.

My third waking up, in 2019, was when I was living and working in Bangkok Thailand. Yes me, living in a big city like Bangkok was not a pleasure. Of course it has its perks but it just isn’t for me.


I again quit my job and started for myself again.

Doing what I love and what I do best, helping others have a better life.

My websites and domain names throughout the years have been these: , , ,

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