Expatriate Counselor
Robbert Jan waking people up since 2003 conscious living coaching

I’m Robbert Jan or RJ for short and I am a trained and certified NLP Master Practitioner and life coach for expats, digital nomads and anybody else I can help.

Someone who understands your struggles

I am an expat and a digital nomad, perhaps just like you. I have been one since I was a little over a year old and have worked in multiple countries as an adult. I have been through the issues you are now facing. As an expat, I understand the struggles and stresses of the nomadic lifestyle and working away from the familiar.

A trained expat/nomad counselor and life coach

As a qualified life coach, I can help you move past those experiences, just like I did. As the first online coaching/counseling service for expats, I’ve helped hundreds of people since 2003. I have always specialized in this field and trained to helped expats the world over to achieve happiness.



Working through NLP

NLP helps to get to the core issues affecting you, pass your blind spots. It’s about going deeper to find that part responsible for your true joy and happiness. And when we do that, we can trigger your subconscious, and work on eliminating the issues blocking you from your happiness, health, wealth.

About Robbert

Apart from his over 46 years of real expat (and digital nomad) experiences, he has managed his own expat counseling practice in The Netherlands, Canada, USA, and Thailand. He has also studied in The Netherlands, Belgium, and California USA (where NLP originated).


Some of his qualifications include:

* NLP Master Practitioner (studied under Carl Buchheit Ph.D. at NLP Marin, California, U.S.A.)

* NLP Practitioner (BGL, Hoofddorp, Netherlands)

* Spirituality and NLP, Arcturus, (studied under Eric Schneider, Kessel, Belgium)

* Hypnotherapy (Studied under Randal Churchill at Hypnotherapy Training Institute, California, U.S.A)


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