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RJ shares personal information conscious living coaching RJ Nuis
  • I don’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco
  • I don’t drink coffee (tea rarely) and avoid any kind of “energy” drinks
  • I eat healthily (some vegan/vegetarian/chicken/fish), mostly drink water and some juices
  • I will indulge in some fast food or desert maybe once a week
  • I avoid sugars and fats as much as possible


Meet Robbert in Person!

Believe it or Not!

I love working with people but privately I am not a social person!

People have mistaken my introversion for arrogance.

I am not always online! Certainly not when I am out and about.

The best times to reach me are when I am working and behind my laptop.

If you see me online on Skype, Feel free to send me a message.


  • I believe that natural healing and natural, herbal medicine is the way to make us healthy again!
  • I love being in nature and love water sports
  • I believe in peace around the world
  • I believe in inclusion, especially the LGBTQIA community!


Besides my coaching practice I make websites for others and improve their online presence.

In my spare time I love reading (auto)biographies, travel books, watching movies and documentaries and keep up on developments in psychology and NLP.


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