Total Transformation

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This is going from an ego driven (survival dream state) to a spirit guided awakened life!

Total Transformation plan – 1 year unlimited sessions from 6.240,-euro,

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Total Transformation – From Ego survival to Spirit Living!

Total overhaul of your life (style). Mentally, physically and spiritually. Reach a new healthy balance and be in charge of your own life again. An enormous increase in overall mental and physical health, calm and peaceful state of mind, happiness and more life energy.

This is going from an ego driven (survival dream state) to a spirit guided awakened life!

1 year unlimited sessions 6.240,- euro

Limited time only – 10%, 6.240,-  for 5,616,- saving you 624,- euro!

Same as Package Finding Balance:

Increasing your awareness of the limitations of your comfort zone and the unrealistic expectations when staying within your borders. You can only truly thrive by exploring the border and surpassing them, learning new things, adapting to new situations and creating new expectations. By becoming aware of your comfort zone you then have the choice to break out and create a new comfort zone by leaving your current one. This is growth. It is like a caterpillar that grows into a beautiful butterfly that can fly wherever it wants. That is freedom. Learn the ability to recognize your moods and what to do to change it.


Learn more about

  1. Being free again with confidence, less stress, improved sleep
  2. Better, stronger and real connection with yourself and others
  3. Better communicator
  4. Gain new friends with similar values and morals
  5. Having the choice to live how you want
  6. Having control over your own body
  7. Raising children in a way you seem fit
  8. Choosing natural medicine
  9. Not being part of the rat race anymore
  10. Know your (basic) human rights
  11. Improved physical, mental and spiritual health!


And of course you will learn about the famous Controlled Exit Strategy CES™ and fully integrate it into your life.


Buy Total Transformation Now!