Overcoming Doubt

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Why you are not getting what you want!

There are two main reasons why you are not getting what you want in life.

1 – You don’t really want it! Sure, it would be nice or even great, but if you’re not fully in it with your heart you won’t get it. The (lack of) energy behind it is not enough to take it from an idea to the real thing. This is the second biggest reason you are not materializing what you think you want. Many times, we see things and we get exited about doing or having that for ourselves but we don’t want it enough to put in the effort and energy needed. Examples could be like becoming a supermodel, astronaut or olympic gold medal winner. It would be cool to be that but to put in the effort they do to get there is another question.


2 – The biggest reason you are not getting what you want is DOUBT! Doubt blocks us from staying in the right and positive energy. When you have doubts, about anything, it puts you in a negative state of mind. This negative state of mind then attracts more negativity and the circle is complete. The single biggest reason you are not manifesting what you want is doubts in your life. You can do all the affirmations, meditations, workshops, training’s etc but if you have doubts in your life you will not get what you want! Period. You need to overcome your doubts so your energy can focus on getting you what you want.


When your life is falling apart around you.

I know it is difficult to stay positive when your life is falling apart around you, trust me, I have been there…many times!

It is extremely challenging to be positive and stay in the present moment when say your marriage/relationship is falling apart, you are in debt, are overdrawn and you still need to pay the rent or mortgage, you lost your job, family or friends have passed away or you don’t know where you will sleep tonight or your next meal will come from.

Whenever you project negative outcomes in the future, that is what you will get. Focus on disaster and drama in the future and that is what you will attract more in your life. Same goes for when you are repeating, talking about, the bad or negative things in your past, you are bringing them back to the present moment, thus repeating yourself.

No matter how dire your life is in a certain moment, it is crucial to remain present and be as positive as possible otherwise you will not be able to break the negativity spiral of doubt.

I am not saying to ignore the situation and hide your feelings and emotions! What I am saying it to be present, accept what is happening and try and differentiate between irrational versus real fears.


The good news is that overcoming doubt is possible.

We are raised in a society where we judge all the time. This judging makes us doubt ourselves and this causes fear and stress and stress is the silent killer.

Anybody can be positive, anybody can say affirmations, anybody can learn to attract things in their life, but when you have doubts, you will manifest more doubt! Law of attraction at its finest.

Overcoming doubt is the single most important step you’ll ever take to advance yourself.

You need to be the best person you can be, for yourself first and foremost. Be and stay in touch with your true self and keep believing in yourself is what builds your confidence.

With the Controlled Exit Strategy I am able to help you, step by step, change from a situation you don’t want to something you want.

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