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How do we know if we are on the “right path” in life?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason in your life?

When we believe that there is a reason why everything happens to us in life, then it’s possible to look at the world in a different way and realize that everywhere we turn, there are signs. They may be making us aware of what to do next in life, where to go, or a person to contact.

This concept of fate and “everything happens for a reason,” may be difficult to comprehend, but understanding this can help you move forward in life and with bettering your self-awareness and confidence.

The Universe does not judge our actions; that is not to say that all actions do not have consequences, as every action has a reaction that will affect you and your decisions and choices. Knowing this, and taking into account that everything happens for a reason, I believe that we as humans can live our lives more in line with who we truly are, making life seem easier again. If your physical self is more aligned with our emotional soul, things will seem easier. Challenges will still occur, but they will not be as frustrating, overwhelming, or trying on you and your spirit.

Our bodies send us signs all the time, it’s just about being able to tune in to listen, be aware, and be able to recognize these signs. Take your health for example. Maybe you frequently experience heartburn, rapid heart rates, or headaches. These physical signs are often symptoms of internal issues that are affected by your attitude, behaviors, or lifestyle. It could be that you need to change your eating habits or cut back on stress in your life. Whatever the signs your body is sending you, it’s important to acknowledge them. Otherwise, your body will continue to send you signs, often worse every time, as a way to get your attention. Ignore the signs long enough and the body will react negatively, such as a heart attack or other similar health crisis. That negative reaction is the last warning your body gave you to start paying attention to your health.

The warning signs that your body sends to you are important in your personal development. Your body wants you to make improvements and lead a better life. Taking care of your body and your health is also taking care of your spirit, as your body is the temple to your soul.

While healthy living and warning signs from your body is only one example, there are signs, messages, and signals all around us every day—it’s the Universe trying to guide us in the right direction for our lives. How does one see these messages and signals? The journey of self-discovery teaches us how to recognize these clues and learn to react to them in ways that are positive for our lives.

Signals and signs in life are not always obvious. Sometimes they sort of pop up in the background, but as you become more aware of yourself and listening to your intuition, you become attuned to these messages and signals, both internal and external. When they happen outside of our brains, it often is a way the Universe is signalling to you to pay attention to something that is happening internally within yourself, almost as if your soul is projecting its concerns on outside forces. It’s important to pay attention to these outside signs as much as the internal ones; often times people think these outside signals are not related to their own experiences, but it is usually an indication that the internal feelings are difficult or challenging to deal with. Instead of blaming these issues on someone else, look into your heart to think about this particular signal applies to your life. Almost everything on the outside has internal meaning for you.

Listening to your intuition, looking for signs and messages through life, is a process of knowing yourself and being able to recognize signals. Over time, it becomes easier to see how things relate to your life and apply them to your circumstances. It’s almost like listening to an old AM/FM radio where you have to adjust the dial to get the radio station to come in clearly—first you have to find the right frequency before adjusting the volume and hearing it properly. It takes patience and attention to do this, just like listening for messages and signs.

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