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How is your Marriage or Relationship going?

Whenever two people are interacting with each other, communication issues are bound to happen. There are many ways an interaction can become distorted because of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The more aware you are of how you express yourself the clearer your interactions with people will be.

You need confidence to communicate and interact authentically with others, especially with your significant other. Marriage and relationship coaching helps you to build that confidence.

Common Marriage and Relationship issues

Verbal and nonverbal communication: which words are you using to talk to your partner? Are you giving misleading messages with confusing body language? Often we tend to send deceiving signals because our words don’t match our expressions, gestures and general body language. This leads to conflicts.

Assumptions: your partner may assume you both think in the same way and have a mutual understanding even though that might not be the case. Without clear communication and providing all needed information about feelings and thoughts, assumptions will lead to frustrations. Being honest and open will put you and your partner on the same page and move your discussion to a successful outcome.

Different life goals and dreams: do you and your partner share the same dreams and goals on how to live your life? Are you going in the same direction? If one side wants to live in a winter climate but the other wants to live by the beach in a tropical climate, compromises need to be made. Relationship and marriage counseling helps you to find a common ground.

Children & families: have you and your partner talked about having children? Do you share the same opinion on that topic? If you have children already, do you agree with each other on the way you want to raise your child/ren?

Communication is key

Marriage and Relationship Coaching helps you to build up strong communication skills, which are the key to a working and fulfilling relationship.

Checking in with your partner to see how he/she feels includes asking the right questions as well as carefully listening. Becoming aware of how your partner feels about you and the relationship is essential to a happy life together.

Sometimes daily duties like tight work schedules, childcare, and other responsibilities are getting in our way. As soon as we neglect to check in with our partner, we set ourselves up for problems.

When communication fails, avoiding the problem(s) is never the answer. Marriage and Relationship Coaching helps you to come out of tough times by facing and solving the problems. Together we get you and your partner back to a good place where your relationship can keep growing again.

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