History of Conscious Living Coaching

History of conscious living coaching blog post RJ Nuis

From Expatriate Counseling to Conscious Living Coaching.

About the history of Conscious Living Coaching tells the story of how Expatriate Counseling started and how I become an expatriate counselor. How Expatriate Counseling has evolved over the years to Expat Nomad Life Coaching and Conscious Living Coaching today!

The Beginning – 2004

It all began in 2004 when I became the first(1), multilingual expat coach and counselor while living in California. I was in training for hypnotherapy at HTI and taking several NLP courses at NLP Marin. While I was enjoying expanding my horizons emotionally and physically I knew that I could do more.

My lifelong experience as a world traveler and expatriate gave me insights. Insights that I knew I could share with other expats or those wanting a nomadic lifestyle.

After doing extensive research into the world of counseling and learning about digital marketing  I knew what I wanted to do. I couldn’t find a combination of expat, nomad coaching and online businesses online and that’s what I did.

I did many trial coaching sessions in a few cities around the world. Then I realized I had found a niche.

I could travel and help other expats and digital nomads make their dreams come true. I was an expat/nomad and a counselor with new acquired knowledge of online marketing.

This is how Expatriate Counseling was started. I officially set up my business in Amsterdam in 2004.

In the beginning I had many challenges and setbacks. Each brought me the opportunity to learn more about owning a business and being successful.


Expatriate Counseling Franchise

Clients from around the globe sought me out for advice and information. Other people contacted me asking to work with me or do an internship.

The business grew and from 2008 to 2010 it was a franchise concept. Expatriate Counseling had affiliate branches in France, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Thailand, and multiple locations in The Netherlands.


Skype Coaching

As technology advanced, my ability to coach and increase my client base also grew, including Virtual Coaching via Skype  which I introduced in 2014.


From Expatriate Counseling to Expat Nomad Life Coaching

In 2016 I changed the name from Expatriate Counseling to Expat Nomad Life Coaching to include digital nomads.


Why should you choose me to be your Conscious Living Coach?

I have been an Expatriate and Digital Nomad since I was 1 ½ years young moving from The Netherlands to Germany. Moving frequently throughout my life had become the norm.

Living in different international locations is not without its challenges. Learning a new language, different cultures, and social systems can be a lot to take in. This is of-course on top of the normal, day to day activities.

My vast experiences moving internationally provides me insider understanding of the expat, nomad lifestyle.

My past clients have worked for:

• PepsiCo
• Coca Cola
• Google
• Adidas
• Heineken
• Hewlett-Packard
• Nike
• Louis Vuitton
• Phillips
• Microsoft
• Halliburton
• Shell
• LyondellBasell

They have been from countries all over the world:

• France
• Poland
• China
• Japan
• Thailand
• Netherlands
• Iceland
• Austria
• United Kingdom
• New Zealand
• United States of America
• Canada
• Bhutan
• Germany
• Russia
• Hungary

Diplomats, Executives and Students

I have counseled everyone from foreign diplomats, business managers and executives to students who are studying abroad. With my personal passion for travel and learning, I have been able to help people from all over the world in my fourteen years in practice.

They include:

  • Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • United States (San Francisco, CA)
  • Thailand (Bangkok, Hua Hin)
  • France (Côte d’Azur)
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague).

As your Conscious Living Coach, our sessions are private and are not recorded.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and helping you through your expat and/or digital nomad experience.

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