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Waking up can be a challenge and overwhelming with all the information out there. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you in a different direction. Do your own research and be open for different views. Some information may seem far out there at first but when you study it more and look at the facts you’ll see the real truth which may shock you. Remember this though, you’re not alone!

Here are 4 ways to educate yourself and form your own opinion.


1) Alternative News Sites


Famous whistleblowers

Edward Snowden:

Julian Assange:

Chelsea Manning:



2) Start watching alternative media sources and documentaries.


VPRO documentaries  (Lehman bank and coming crash) (Do companies pay their fair share of taxes?) (Big data and revolving door politics) (Tax havens for the rich)


3) Start using or other alternative search engines.

Try or because you will get different search results and your privacy matters.


4) Start learning more about the system and the matrix.

View/research documentaries like: Zeitgeist and Thrive.

Watch movie: The Matrix

The federal reserve bank (which is not a federal bank but privately owned)

Fractional reserve banking (which is basically legally printing money on demand)

How governments raise their debt limit instead of cutting spending


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