F.A.Q. about Conscious Living Coaching

Why Conscious Living Coaching?

Conscious Living Coaching helps you to wake up, escape the rat race and build your confidence so you can have a peaceful, healthy and rewarding life filled with purpose.

If you want to stop living other people’s dreams or stop helping others become rich and successful and have the courage to walk your own path: Conscious living Coaching is right for you!

What is Conscious Living coaching?

Conscious Living coaching is the guidance of your dream state of which you are not consciously aware but thinking you are, to your awakened state.

What is dream state?

Dream state in this regard has nothing to do with dreaming when you are sleeping but a state of mind. The dream state is what most people refer to as being alive and doing what they want. In reality however this is their dream state and they think they are awake. So, their daily life, where they think they are living the life they want is actually their dream state and are not doing what they really want. This is the ego life. The flip side of this is the awakened state life.

What is awakened state?

Awakened state is where you are consciously aware of the difference between your dream state and awakened state and consciously choosing to stay awake.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hinder you from manifesting that which you want and are potentially capable of. When a person has a goal and has the potential to reach it but for some reason isn’t, there is probably a belief in themselves, many times ingrained from early childhood, that they are not allowed or capable of doing it. Until the limiting beliefs are revealed and resolved goals and dreams will not come to fruition. Through Conscious Living Coaching your limiting beliefs will become clear to you and thus resolved, clearing the road ahead to fulfill your dreams and goals.

How does that help me?

Recognizing your limiting beliefs and clearing your emotional obstacles creates more conscious awareness about where you are in your process. This will give you insight of the map of your process and progress.

Is Conscious Living coaching for everyone?

Everyone can benefit from Conscious Living Coaching however being awake is a life style choice. Being truly awake is not just something you can do over the weekends. Once you start waking up, there really is no going back. You can’t become consciously unaware of something you became consciously aware of. If you want to remain blissfully unaware and “happy” in your dream state perhaps I am not the right coach for you.

How can Conscious Living coaching help me be more FREE!

Conscious Living coaching helps you to exit the rat race, unplug from the matrix or pull the emergency cord in a controlled manner if you will. In this process you will prioritize what is important to you and what isn’t. You will then feel more in charge of your life again and free.

Why leave the rat race or unplug from the matrix?

If you want to be free, have a balanced, happy and healthy life you’ll probably be happier leaving the rat race. In short, many people are just not happy in their life and feel there is something missing. Conscious Living Coaching helps you with a Controlled Exit Strategy, CES™.

Why a Controlled Exit Strategy, CES™?

When people don’t see/hear the signs from their subconscious or ignore them bad things can happen. People get accidents or develop illnesses to help them slow down and wake up. IF you don’t take these messages seriously, they could develop into worse situations hence the controlled exit strategy.

If I have avoided it for so long, why would I go through with it now?

Because this time you will have the help from a professional and the Controlled Exit Strategy plan. This time you will learn the tools and strategy to go through the dark tunnel and come out the other end, safe and sound! I can promise you that!


I’m not sure if Conscious Living Coaching is for me?

That’s ok. You can give me a try, risk free! Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

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How can Conscious Living Coaching help with health?

Through natural healing! Staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy with a strong immune system, strong body and mind are we able to defend against foreign intruders and stay healthy.

Why work with you, Robbert?

Because I have been living a conscious life since my first waking up when I was 16 years old. I have gone through many personal, physical and spiritual challenges and changes and worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life over the past 15 years in my private practice. I have 47 years Expat experience living in different countries learning from different cultures and been a digital nomad since 2003.

I am unlucky in life, people are after me, drama and conflict follow me wherever I go and it is always the fault of others, they do this to me. Can conscious living coaching help me?

Yes and No. Yes Conscious Living Coaching can help you IF you are open to change things within yourself as well. No, If you continue to think that all these things are happening to you because you are unlucky in life. If you hold on to that or remain in a victim role you may never discover the real reasons why they happen and consequently never discover the solution to your problems.

Is Conscious Living Coaching like a 12 steps program?

No it is not. The reason it is not is because you cannot apply all the same steps for every individual to make it work. Whenever other people suggest or tell you to do this 12 times, do this for 6 weeks or wake up every morning at 4:30 and you’ll be successful it rarely works for others because it is not their own path. I may make suggestions but I won’t tell you to do it my way, I will coach you to find your own path. I studied NLP for many years but I have also made it my own. Conscious Living Coaching helps you to grow your challenge areas by using your strengths from other areas.

How is Conscious Living Coaching different then all those other programs?

Conscious living Coaching centers around you and you alone. There is no prepackaged plan that works for everybody. I look at the person holistically and connect with their inner being to hear what it is saying. In the process you will also learn to be a better listener to yourself and pick up the signs and messages from your subconscious. Once you start to hear and see these messages you’re on your way to become a better communicator with yourself first and then with your surroundings. Everybody goes through this process but everybody does so in their own unique way and speed and this cannot be prepackaged.

How long before Conscious Living Coaching gives me results?

You will see results as quickly as during the first session. Your results of course depend on the efforts you put into it during our sessions and afterwards. It also depends on how much you push yourself to find the boundaries of your comfort zone. I will continue to push the envelope and help you see your blind spots for you to learn the lessons to help you grow.

How does Conscious Living Coaching help me to get out of my comfort zone?

Conscious Living Coaching helps you by increasing your awareness of the limitations of your comfort zone and the unrealistic expectations when staying within your borders. You can only truly thrive by exploring the borders and surpassing them, learning new things, adapting to new situations and creating new expectations. By becoming aware of your current comfort zone you then have the choice to break out and grow again. This is real growth. It is like a caterpillar that grows into a beautiful butterfly that can fly wherever it wants. That is your choice and you freedom.

Can Conscious Living Coaching help me feel free?

Conscious Living Coaching helps you not just to feel free but to actually be truly free!

I want to be FREE! What do I do now?


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