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Robbert Nuis expat as a conscious living coaching

My life as an expat

I’m Robbert Jan and you may call me Robbert or RJ. I was born in The Netherlands and grew up and lived as an expat in various countries around the world since I was 1 ½.

I have lived, studied, and volunteered all over Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia. It permits me to traveled a lot. Therefore I am familiar with an expat as well as nomadic lifestyle and can therefore relate to you.

I spent my whole life exploring new places and meeting people. I always valued a life of freedom. My passion is to constantly make new experiences and learn from diverse cultures around the world.

Tour of Duty – UNPROFOR

When I was 23 I was drafted and I signed up voluntarily to serve a tour for the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in former Yugoslavia. This was a life changing and challenging experience as I had to go out of my comfort zones and overcome personal boundaries. During that time I became extremely interested in mental and physical health.

After working in a number of unfulfilling jobs throughout my 20s, I felt there was more to life than being in a rat race and wanted to experience life on my own terms. 8 years after my tour of duty I finally made the change in that direction.

Realizing that nothing was going to change unless I would change myself, I made the decision to quit my corporate job with KLM Airlines, end my failing relationship and started travelling again.

Controlled Exit Strategy

Volunteer in Sikkim, India

My first journey took me to India where I volunteered in a School for the most impoverished children in Sikkim, on the foothills of the Himalayas. This help me to go inwards and expand my horizons. But it also gave me the unique opportunity to study yoga and meditation in-depth and develop a mindful lifestyle.

Living and studying in The Netherlands, Belgium and USA

After my time in India, I went to California to further my studies. I chose to focus on human health and took classes in psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). It took place at different institutes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

NLP is the study of how humans learn, communicate and personally develop. This training was a great advantage for my new career path in the human behavioral world.

In order to be able to keep on travelling and living a nomadic lifestyle, I was eager to find a way to work as a location independent coach and make a career of my newly discovered passion for human behavior. This led me to become an Expatriate and Digital Nomad Counselor.


Expatriate Counseling and Expat Nomad Life Coaching

Due to my personal experiences as an Expat and Digital Nomad I was able to help and consult many people who wanted to manifest such a lifestyle already. I am absolutely happy and grateful for each and every person I was allowed to work with and able to help.

My online practice allows me to maintain my personal nomadic lifestyle while helping others.  As your Expat Nomad Life counselor I bring over 15 years of coaching experiences. And I can confidently say that I will be able to make your life better!

I am a Master NLP practitioner helping Expats and Nomads since 2003. You can benefit from my unique working style, which is a holistic methodology combined with solution oriented and mindfulness coaching.

I developed this innovative method by myself over the last years. It has been successfully proved to help my clients overcome their personal issues in a safe and efficient way and make their life better!

Coaching Plans

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