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HIBMA Training Bangkok

7 March 2019 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Hibma training Bangkok RJ Nuis Conscious Living Coaching

Existing is simply not enough.


How I Became Me Again (HIBMA) Workshop helps you become unstuck, more authentic, genuine, and real for a more fulfilling life.

The HIBMA Workshop Bangkok is designed for those ready for change but not sure where or how to make the first step. These small and very personalized sessions are delivered in a warm and friendly atmosphere to make your success the outcome. You’ll get in tune with yourself and find the right path to the more authentic and successful you.

It’s time to learn how to tell real from fake, to identify the barriers that are blocking you from getting to the real you, and what you need to do to achieve a more fulfilling and successful life. It’s time to become the true you.


With this HIBMA program. You will:

  1. Become aware of the negative behaviors and patterns affecting your life
  2. Replace those with constructive behaviors to reveal the real you
  3. Integrate this new approach into your life leading to more success and happiness


This workshop is for those who:

  1. Want to re-connect with themselves and do what feels right for them
  2. Want to stop with the rat race but not sure how
  3. Feel like there is more to life than just working Monday – Friday
  4. Realize that accumulating wealth and material things does not equal happiness
  5. Understand that addictions are only a replacement for inner unhappiness
  6. Want to learn more tools to live a more balanced life
  7. Want to reduce stress naturally


That’s why the HIBMA workshop focuses on showing you:

  1. Where you are now in your life
  2. How you got (t)here
  3. What changes you can make and the consequences
  4. What you really want and why you haven’t gotten it



HIBMA Testimonials

B.R. Antwerp – “Through Robert’s HIBMA program I have been able to grow beyond what I had accepted as limitations on my life. He helped me get to the core of what was deeply troubling me. The work that I have done with RJ left me feeling that for the first time in my life that I could resume my life on an equal footing to everyone else. Now I can plan the rest of my life with nothing to hold me back.”

Erica U.S.A. – “Being me” is a term frequently used and it was a revelation to me that I actually had no idea who I really was. After working with Robbert and his HIBMA program there was a knowing that I was finally going in the right direction. Looking back I realize how far I have come and I am now at a standpoint in which I am able to look within, accept what I find and not want to run away from it or hide it. I take responsibility for my life and my actions and accept the consequences. I am happy just being me.”


Key Benefits of the HIBMA Workshop

You will learn to:

  1. recognize the difference between your ego and spirit path
  2. see when you go off track (ego) and take yourself back onto your spirit path
  3. understand your strengths and learning points
  4. listen to your feelings, emotions, intuition, and act
  5. see, hear, and feel more clearly what your true passions are and embrace them
  6. appreciate and love yourself more


Then, you will have:

  1. a greater understanding about yourself and your surroundings
  2. a greater understanding of life in general
  3. more patience and build confidence
  4. faith and trust in yourself and do what feels right for you


Your Coach, Robbert Nuis

Meet Robbert, an international Life Coach, Trainer, and Author with over 15 years’ experience. As a Master NLP Practitioner, Robbert has worked with all kinds of clients across the world from individuals, to expats, corporate, graduates, etc.  He developed this unique HIBMA program to help persons achieve success and happiness in life.

The HIBMA program targets 3 core areas to get to a better place in life where success is more readily attainable:

  1. Understanding what is impeding your progress
  2. Learning how to remove those impediments from your life
  3. Implementing changes that become the habits you need to succeed at life

He has taught this Workshop to the success of his participants in The Netherlands, Halifax, Canada, Belgium, and Bangkok. You’ll receive authentic coaching from Robbert as he is truly invested in the success of the persons in his programs and seminars.


HIBMA Testimonials

“I first came to Robbert because I realized it was time to make some changes in my life. Robbert has introduced me to myself again, by taking time to get to know myself I am able to accept me for who I am and discover my full potential and purpose. I would and have recommended Robbert to anyone looking for guidance, support and listening ear. I now live a much healthier and happier life, Thank you Robbert!”


F.R. Marseille – “The difference in my life has been quite astonishing since working with Robert’s HIBMA methodology: I am reconnected with my emotions and feelings, I am able to connect to and be guided by my intuition and life just seems to flow, when I ‘go’ with my feelings in decision making. Along the way, business has doubled this last year, I have met a wonderful woman on the same page as me, I am relaxed about life and I can cry at sad moments. I have effectively left the ‘rat race’ behind and we now have an energetic successful business full of emotional intelligence and fun.”

Workshop Options

Choose the option that best works for you.

One-Day Intensive HIBMA Workshop

You can register for a 1-day intensive HIBMA Workshop that goes through the HIBMA process in a fast-paced yet very effective manner. In this one day, you’ll get a full overview of the process and how to overcome your insecurities and the problems preventing you from being happy and successful. Then, you can take the teachings of the day and implement it on your own.

Two-Day Comprehensive HIBMA Workshop

If you have a bit more time to dedicate to the process, then choose the 2-day comprehensive HIBMA Workshop. Here, we’ll have more time to delve into the issues affecting you and work through the necessary processes and changes needed to get you being your true, authentic self.

This will involve more demonstrations and participation of the participants in the process to help you start the implementation process with Robbert’s guidance.




  • March: 23-24 (2 day workshop)
  • April: 14 sold out
  • April: 13-14 sold out


Each session is limited to 10 persons to provide the optimal setting for true transformation.

So, register early to secure your space.

Other dates are available for private groups.

Please email Robbert at rjnuis@expatriatecounseling.com to schedule a date for your group.



Day 1: 10 AM – 5 PM (drinks, snacks, and lunch included)

Day 2: 10 AM – 5 PM (drinks, snacks, and lunch included)



The Phyll, Sukhumvit 54

Next to BTS On Nut Station, On Nut, Bangkok

FREE Parking available



1 day workshop: 6,500 THB

Early bird reservation 4,900 THB

2 day workshop: 12,999 THB

Early bird reservation 9,950 THB

50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation

Accepted Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, or PayPal (paypal.me/expatnomadlife).

(Please email rjnuis@expatriatecounseling.com for bank details for transfer)

Watch the HIBMA video on Youtube!


Ready to take that one step that will transform your life?

Register for the next HIBMA Workshop.


What do I need to bring for this event?

All you need is your commitment to making a difference in your life and working towards finding the real you. I ask that your leave you cell-phone on airplane mode or in your bag to prevent distractions during the workshop.

Is there any language requirement?

The Workshop is delivered in English. A good understanding of the English Language is, therefore, required so that you can get the most benefit out of the Workshop.

What else is included in each workshop?

  1. Interactive sessions with Robbert
  2. Surprise guest
  3. Demo by Jetts Gym
  4. Surprise guest (nutrition/health expert)
  5. Lunch by So Vegan

What if I can’t make the workshop at the date and time that I signed up for?

If you’re unable to make a workshop because of illness, you can always attend another one at your convenience. Just send me an email at rjnuis@expatriatecounseling.com with the details and I will confirm you for another session.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds, but you can reschedule to another convenient date/time. If you can’t make the session you signed up for, then contact us to make arrangements to attend a future one. For further information, you can reach out via email or phone at:

Who will be facilitating these sessions?

Your coach is Robbert Nuis, an international Life Coach and Trainer with decades of experience helping persons like you become more attuned to who they are.

What if I would like a similar session but not in a group setting?

That’s fine. I understand that not all of us would like our transformations witnessed as it happens. We can make arrangements for your one-on-one session(s) to work through becoming the real you.


Contact Us:

For questions and comments feel free to call me on 099-1630 747 or email at rjnuis@expatriatecounseling.com

Blog: https://expat-nomad-life-coaching.com/blog/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expatnomadlife/

Don’t wait. You can make the rest of your life the best it can be. Sign up for the HIBMA Workshop today.


7 March 2019
08:00 - 17:00
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