E book Conscious Living Coaching Wake Up By RJ NuisWhat you will get from this E-book?

It will answer two main questions

  • Do you want to leave the rat race?
  • Do you want to unplug from the matrix? (opt-out of the system)

These and more questions about leaving your personal rat race, why you are in it, why you are not happy, what you can do to exit and how to move forward will be answered in this E-book.

Why you should buy this E-book?

Because you are interested in leaving your rat race, unplugging from the matrix or exiting from the system. You have questions and/or concerns about what that may entail and the information in this e-book will help you answer your questions. You will recognize that you are not alone. Many people have left before you and living happier, healthier and more balanced lives. After reading all the FAQ and answers you can make up your mind what to do next so you can enjoy a happier, healthier and more balanced life.


What you will learn from this E-book.

This E-book has information needed to make an informed decision about your current life as part of the broken system. The information offered can change the way you think about the system, find the courage to take the steps to leave your rat race and live your own life again in harmony, peace and health.


What this E-book is not!

  1. About how to get rich quick!
  2. About work-out programs or diet plans.
  3. A manual with specific information regarding visas, tax regulations, where and how to set up banking, legal residences, insurances, etc. These are all very specific and change with person, country, situation, legal status and other factors. These questions can only be answered by each individual according to their specific situation and needs.


You will learn to make informed decisions about important things in life like:

  • Do I want to get married?
  • Do I want to have children?
  • Do I want this job?
  • Is this a healthy relationship? (marriage)
  • Is this environment good for me?
  • Am I being stimulated?
  • Am I growing?
  • Am I living according to my values and morals?


More benefits of Conscious Living Coaching are:

  1. Being more fit and in shape
  2. Looking younger
  3. Improved sleep patterns
  4. Feeling strong and energetic
  5. Increased peace of mind
  6. Stronger connection with self and others
  7. Being confident
  8. Doing what you want
  9. Being a strong communicator


This E-book is about your personal and spiritual journey.

Development Only Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!

1 Year Unlimited Total Transformation!