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Work from anywhere! Be location independent.

A Digital nomad is an individual who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living and work remotely from wherever they want.

Most Digital Nomads established this work situation for themselves in order to live their life in a nomadic manner and being able to travel.

As wonderful that lifestyle is, being free but therefore also self-responsible often comes with some emotional challenges which stand in the way of fully enjoying the life you once only dreamt about.


Typical Challenges are:

  • Fit and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Solitude
  • Building and Maintaining Meaningful relationships
  • Being comfortable with Unpredictability
  • Adapting to new cultures, climate and people quickly
  • Work Life Balance
  • Money worries

Controlled Exit Strategy

Those struggles should not stand in your way of living a fulfilling life and can be solved with the right mindset.

As your coach I bring not only the fundamental knowledge about psychology and the human mind but also personal life experiences of being a Digital Nomad for many years.

Since I went through all those struggles myself and found successful ways to deal with that and live a 100% fulfilling live, I would love to share my tools and strategies with you so you can do the same.

Let me help you live a fulfilling live.

About Robbert

Are you still dreaming about becoming a Digital Nomad?

Many people spend their whole life just dreaming about traveling the world and admiring other people who are doing that instead of making that dream come true for themselves as well.

Reasons for that are Fear of the unknown, Giving up Securities and not knowing how.

I can help you with overcoming those fears, show you ways on how to work remotely and travel smart on a low budget and support you on the emotional roller-coaster.

I promise you that overcoming your fears and being able to follow your heart is the most rewarding thing you will ever have done for yourself.

Let me help you to live the life of your dreams.

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