Conscious Living Coaching RJ Nuis Controlled Exit Strategy CES What is the Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™?

The Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™ is the method, of leaving a bad situation in your life, that is least damaging to yourself and your surroundings.

The Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S. is mostly used for:

  1. Leaving your marriage/relationship
  2. Changing your work environment
  3. Leaving your rat race
  4. Unplugging from the system/matrix


There are numerous ways that people exit or leave the rat race and you may recognize the most common ones.

1) One day deciding you’ve had enough of the crazy life and stop doing what you don’t like and start doing more things you wished you had done before. I would say, from my own experience and 15 years of counseling expats from around the world, this is the road least traveled! Most people seem to avoid this because of the fear of the unknown. They rather deal with the known, even though they are unpleasant, then make changes and go into the world of unknown. Lack of confidence or fear of the unknown, take your pick but this is the road least traveled which is a shame.


2) Due to external situations: like getting fired, losing your house, divorce, losing loved ones people are seemingly forced into a situation where they should make some changes. Many times however these situations are interpreted as unlucky or these things always happen to them and they go into a victim role and they don’t make any changes. Some confronted with these situations do find the positive aspect and turn their life around and make it better than before however the majority reverts back to old patterns, our comfort zone.


3) The 3rd one is the one most people seem to go through in order to make some lasting change in their life. This one is also the most dramatic and the main reason I have come up with the Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™. Many people seem to go through serious illnesses, heart attacks, serious car accidents and you name it before they wake up and realize that Spirit is trying to tell them something. When these things happen I can guarantee you that you have had many, many warning signals or messages before it had to get this far for you to listen. The Controlled Exit Strategy for you to avoid serious bodily harm and get on with your life while learning the lessons. It is not a shortcut and it will be challenging but I can guarantee you not as challenging as recovering from a heart attack, stroke or car accident. When we work together I will look at your life and see where you are on the danger scale approaching some serious event so we can make changes a.s.a.p.


Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S. can best be described as the following:

  • You know you’re not happy, You think something is missing
  • You start to wake up
  • You realize why you’re not happy
  • You start to reconnect with yourself
  • You build your confidence
  • You get ready to live your life again
  • You pull the emergency brake
  • You exit in a controlled manner
  • You take a deep breath and
  • Start living your life again, the way you want it!


Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.guides you towards a controlled emergency exit so you can set up a new life style matching your inner and true desires. 

I’m interested in the Controlled Exit Strategy, C.E.S.™, what do I do now?

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