Conscious Awakening

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Conscious awakening is what we are going through right now on this planet. We are now consciously aware what we are doing and this is new for our species. Humanity and the world we live in are changing at a rapid pace. This phenomenon, known as leapfrogging, occurs when changes happen at an increased rate. It is most clearly seen with children, who are far more mature and advanced in the modern age than they were even twenty years ago. With so many changes occurring at top speed, in particular with technology, it is often hard to understand that there are still people in the world living without access to fresh water, food, or sanitary living conditions.

Even for people who live in deplorable conditions, they still believe in the goodness of the world and the concept of positive change, despite the growth of more fraud, corruption, and negativity seen around the globe. It has become increasingly difficult to push forward with change in the face of harmful leaders and governments, no matter the country or political climate.

About Conscious Living Coaching

This collective awareness for the need for change is at a pivotal moment, where we as humans on this earth are at the beginning of the next leapfrogging moment. At this moment, we are fully awake and aware of this stage, having a spiritual experience and desire for change like never before.

This awakening is exciting, but can be discomforting at the same time, making us feel lost in our own comfort zone. We seek out fellow change makers or leaders, but it is a new, unknown path that each individual must walk on their own. While the push towards change may be something you must undertake on your own terms, it does not mean it is a solitary journey. There are so many others on similar paths towards change with us. Talking about this paradigm shift and search for meaning can help bring you greater understanding and feel more at ease and in control of your life.

Why Conscious Living Coaching?

We are at a substantial moment in society where there are large groups of people who are also experiencing this global consciousness awakening. It is not limited to certain types of people or specific countries, so in that way, it helps us to understand our own individual awakenings as part of something much bigger than ourselves. This understanding can help to answer questions about your inner self, how you are defined by external factors like social obligations, and so on. By being conscious of ourselves, but also the role we play within the bigger picture of the world, helps us to become attuned to our intuition and true spirit, allowing for transformations and positive change to take place.

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