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Just A Certified Coach May Not Be Enough!

A certified coach just means they have gone through a training and doesn’t tell you anything about the life experience and the coaching experience of the specific coach.

I have been a certified coach and counselor for the expatriate community since I started my own practice back in 2004 called Expatriate Counseling. I did this because I already had a life time of experience being an expatriate. I started moving around since I was 1 ½ years young,which was in 1972 until the current day in 2020.

This gave me an edge in coaching the expatriate community as I was practicing not just from being a certified coach but with a life time full of tools and techniques specifically useful for expats. At that time, the slogan for Expatriate Counseling was: We Care Because We Know! Because we did know, because we were and are expats.




I was so successful that I started to guide other coaches and counselors to serve the expat community around the world. For years Expatriate Counseling was a franchise concept with many individual coaches and counselors in Europe, America and Asia.

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The formula became very successful, unfortunately with the downside, that It had created a lot more competition for myself. On the other hand it was great to see the expat community was taken care of by many professional, certified coaches and counselors. At the same time I was able to move on and continue my own path of travel and freedom while helping others do the same.

And thus Conscious Living Coaching was born. I now also have 16 years experience as a digital nomad so I know from experience what you are talking about and going through.

This again makes me not just an expert because I studied the concept of digital nomad living but I lived it and I am still living it so I know, from own experience, what you are going through.

Besides being a Certified Master NLP Practitioner since 2004 I also have 48 years of Expat Experience and 16 years of digital nomad experience to share with you.

This makes me the perfect fit for helping novice and experienced expats and (digital) nomads and anybody else who feels I am a good match to work with them.

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