The Social Dilemma

conscious living coaching robbert nuis the social dilemma

The difficulty with waking up and unplugging from the matrix is that most people think they are awake, aware and making conscious decisions and choices.  The reality is that the majority of people is so deep into the matrix, a […]

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Social Distancing Coaching

social distancing skype coaching blogpost conscious living coaching robbert nuis

Social distancing and coaching sessions The coronavirus brings many challenges for people around the world. Social distancing is one of the methods that we’re using to try and slow down and hopefully contain the outbreak. For many, keeping distance from […]

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Overcoming Doubt

Overcoming doubt blogpost conscious living coaching rj nuis

Why you are not getting what you want! There are two main reasons why you are not getting what you want in life. 1 – You don’t really want it! Sure, it would be nice or even great, but if […]

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Robbert Nuis – Expat

Robbert Nuis expat as a conscious living coaching

My life as an expat I’m Robbert Jan and you may call me Robbert or RJ. I was born in The Netherlands and grew up and lived as an expat in various countries around the world since I was 1 […]

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