Being Married Being Divorced

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I am glad I got married to the girl I did. It was my first marriage and although none of my family could attend our wedding it was an awesome day at a very beautiful location and I feel very lucky. My best friend from California came over, to be my best man, so that was a very nice surprise.

I loved being married. Just the thought of being married to her was great and gave me a good feeling. She had wonderful qualities, was gorgeous, very smart and funny but I think we both knew at some point it was not meant to last. I think we held on to the idea of being married and hoped that things would get better but they didn’t.

Conscious Awakening

After 5 years together we finally both saw and realized we needed to let each other go so we could move on with life. We were able to split up in a very loving and peaceful way. Knowing that we still loved each other but we just wanted different things and it was time to move on.

On one of our last night’s together we celebrated in town with some friends and drinking to our divorce. Laughing from the release of tension and crying tears of sadness that we couldn’t make it happen for us.

She lives in my birth country and I live in her birth country and we remain friends to this day. We have both moved on and living happy with new partners.

The Controlled Exit Strategy can also be used for separating from your partner.

Controlled Exit Strategy