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Alcohol was never my drug of choice.

I don’t really remember my first taste of alcohol because my parents, I should say my mom, raised me well and having it just be part of life.

She probably had me taste some wine at a young age and I didn’t like it. My first beer was probably around the age of 12.

Living in the country side of South Holland back then it was introduced by some older people as a joke and that’s how it all got started. During High school I drank alcohol but certainly not in the amounts other kids did.

I never really enjoyed alcohol, like with so many other people but I liked the feeling it gave me. Alcohol was also great for being more open, more social and more stupid in public which was great for a laugh for others.

Again, it wasn’t until I was in college that the alcohol really started flowing. Not just cheap beer either. At some point a bunch of us discovered Captain Morgan Spiced rum and coke and Seagram’s 7 and 7up.

That’s when things really got out of hand and doing really stupid things. Needless to say, being far away from friends and family, out in the countryside, nothing to do but …drink alcohol!

It wasn’t until years later I discovered I had a serious drinking problem. Once I start I cannot stop drinking until I pass out or throw up and start drinking again.

My way of dealing with it

My way of controlling my alcohol problem was by not going out that much or not drink at all. Once I start drinking, there was no stopping me.

I have struggled with alcohol for many years also because it is such an accepted legal drug in society. It is so easy to get caught up in peer pressure.

Being in a situation where they nag and call you names, even as adults, because they don’t want to drink alcohol alone. It is really amazing how far people will go guilt tripping you into drinking alcohol because, as they say, they don’t want to drink alone or I’m a sissy.

Since my 30’s when I changed my career to Expat Counselor and became even more health conscious I knew that alcohol just wasn’t for me. However sometimes getting alcohol is so easy to get anywhere in this world and it is a cheap way to just escape for a bit and we’ll worry about the hangover tomorrow.

And we all know what we’ll say in the morning, Never again!!

It wasn’t for another 10 years that I gave up alcohol even more and maybe have a few drinks a year now. Looking at the evidence we have today I would say that Alcohol and Cigarettes are the two most dangerous legal drugs we have.

Alcohol more dangerous then many other drugs

Alcohol is a serious drug and should be in the same category as Cocaine, Crack and Heroin as far as I am concerned.

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