About conscious living coaching rj nuisConscious Living Coaching is living with a conscious intention. A lot of people go through life on auto pilot.

When you are going through life on auto pilot it means you are not consciously in the moment and that is a problem. Not being in the present moment means you are in another state of mind. Whether this is because you are day dreaming about things from the past or worrying about things that may happen, in that moment, you are not present in the here and now.

Conscious Living Coaching gives you:

  • Real freedom
  • Peace of mind
  • Healthy body, mind and spirit
  • A natural life full of energy
  • A true connection with all that is
  • A happy, healthy and balanced life
  • Confidence, strength and gratification


Why Conscious Living Coaching?

The world we live in these days has many distractions and addictions to pull us out of the present moment. That is why so many people struggle with life, just being present in the moment and let life unfold is a real challenge. This is even more challenging when you are not aware of what you’re not aware of. Asking you about something you’re not aware of is like me asking you something in a foreign language you don’t even recognize.

Why Conscious Living Coaching?

6 steps of Conscious Living Coaching:

  1. You recognize you’re not aware of everything
  2. You embrace change
  3. You learn the different states of mind
  4. You let go of distractions
  5. You focus on your connection with life
  6. You reduce stress by letting go of worries/concerns
  7. You stay present in the moment


What you will learn with Conscious Living Coaching!

Picking up the signs, signals and messages from your subconscious mind (inner conflict) on the outside is one of the major changes to become more aware of yourself.


Conscious Living Coaching teaches you to:

  • Be aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Be more present and heal yourself from within
  • Learn your lessons faster and more efficient
  • Recognize and embrace your learning opportunities
  • Get more clarity about distractions and addictions
  • Understand why you’re repeating the same situations
  • What is important to you
  • Stop being scared and trust yourself, your process and your life’s purpose
  • Learn and recognize your natural flow of life
  • The importance of eating and drinking healthily
  • The importance of regular exercise
  • Listen to what your body and mind are telling you


Ready to live a more conscious life?

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