• Stress The Silent Killer conscious living coaching RJ Nuis
    Stress – The Silent Killer
    We all know that fear causes stress but most people do not realize how much, Stress – The Silent Killer, has an impact on our lives. Most people will differentiate between adrenaline and fear but for the body they unfortunately […]
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  • Unplug from the matrix conscious living coaching rj nuis
    Unplug From The Matrix
    Ready to Unplug from the Matrix, so You can enjoy Freedom and Experience the Miracle of life again?   Do you think there is more to life? Thinking about unplugging from the matrix? Do you feel disconnected from the system? […]
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  • conscious living coaching rj nuis controlled exit strategy ces
    Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™
    What is the Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™? The Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™ is the method, of leaving a bad situation in your life, that is least damaging to yourself and your surroundings. The Controlled Exit Strategy C.E.S. is mostly used […]
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Stress – The Silent KillerUnplug From The MatrixControlled Exit Strategy C.E.S.™

About Robbert Jan

Conscious living coaching robbert nuis


My name is Robbert and I have been an expat for 47 years and a digital nomad for the past 15 years traveling and living in different countries while supporting myself with my off and online coaching practice. I have […]

Your Conscious Living Coach
RJ shares personal information conscious living coaching RJ Nuis


I don’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco I don’t drink coffee (tea rarely) and avoid any kind of “energy” drinks I eat healthily (some vegan/vegetarian/chicken/fish), mostly drink water and some juices I will indulge in some fast food or desert […]

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Robbert Jan waking people up since 2003 conscious living coaching


I’m Robbert Jan or RJ for short and I am a trained and certified NLP Master Practitioner and life coach for expats, digital nomads and anybody else I can help. Someone who understands your struggles I am an expat and […]

Expatriate Counselor


  • testimonial iceland conscious living coaching rj nuis

    H.L. Iceland – “Robbert has been helping me to manage my multi-cultural long distance relationship between Iceland and China which resulted in an already 2 year happy marriage despite many cultural challenges and a lot of skepticism within our both […]

  • testimonial mexico conscious living coaching rj nuis

    S.T. Mexico – We were living in Rio and at some point we moved back home. Then they eliminated my position.  I started a job search, learned a lot, and landed a new job in 2016. I just got promoted […]

    Testimonial S.T. Mexico
  • testimonial bangkok conscious living coaching rj nuis

    S.C Bangkok – “It was very nice to meet you, and we definitely both felt it was a valuable day, talking to you, and going over our issues. We felt we can really work with this, and hopefully work out […]

    Testimonial S.C Bangkok
  • testimonial anonymous conscious living coaching rj nuis

    “I couldn’t believe what I discovered with Robert’s help. I had been holding on to old patterns for 20 years. It was tough to realize but made me happy as well. My road to self-discovery and healing had gone to […]

    Testimonial Anonymous

Unplug from the Matrix!

Be FREE Again!


Life in essence is simple. We don’t have to do anything and life will continue. We humans are the only species on earth that make life more complicated than it needs to be. We do this for many reasons, some good and some not so good. We should remember that we are enough the way we are. We are perfect in our own unique ways and we should accept the gift we all have been given.
  • Life is freedom
  • Life is about growth
  • Life is about learning
  • Life is about evolving
  • Life is about doing things differently
  • Life is about successes and failures
  • Life is not be taken for granted
  • Life is meant to be LIVED!


What is dream state?

Dream state in this regard has nothing to do with dreaming when you are sleeping but a state of mind. The dream state is what most people refer to as being alive and doing what they want. In reality however […]

What is awakened state?

Awakened state is where you are consciously aware of the difference between your dream state and awakened state and consciously choosing to stay awake.

How do I (Robbert) know the difference between dream and awakened state of mind?

Because I have gone through this process myself and helped hundreds of people see their subconscious process by waking them up and becoming conscious of it. I recognize the different states of mind from 15 years of counseling experience and […]

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hinder you from manifesting that which you want and are potentially capable of. When a person has a goal and has the potential to reach it but for some reason isn’t, there is probably a […]

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Body – Mind -Spirit

conscious living coaching rj nuis body

Taking care of your body, the vessel of your soul is one of the most important aspects of your life. If you don’t take good care of your body, or even neglect it, it will slowly but surely break down. […]

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Mind Conscious Living Coaching RJ Nuis

Our mind is like a sponge. It has filters but unless we are aware of them and fine tune them to our specific needs and wants they will just absorb anything and everything through our senses. During the process of […]

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Spirit Conscious Living Coaching RJ Nuis

When the Body, Mind and Spirit are not in optimum health they will negatively effect one another. Continuously working on improving and making them stronger makes you more efficient at healing parts as well as the whole. Taking care of […]

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How To Be Free again? ... With The Controlled Exit Strategy!

Controlled Exit Strategy, CES™

When Life Flows!

When life flows! When you are connected with yourself, You are the Universe. When you are the Universe, You are in flow and life moves effortlessly. It is your responsibility, To stay connected with yourself, first and foremost. Only when […]
Find Your Flow Today!