# 1 Choice by Expats and Digital Nomads for over 16 years

#1 choice by expats and digital nomads for over 16 years blogpost conscious living coaching

Conscious Living Coaching – The #1 Choice for Expats and Digital Nomads since 2004!

I first started my counseling practice with expats and digital nomads, called Expatriate Counseling, in 2004 in Amsterdam and Haarlem in the Netherlands. The name may have changed but the service is still the same, unmatched by any rival!

Since then I have helped hundreds of people from across the globe. Not only where they from other countries but I also kept moving, learning and growing myself.

Although some people prefer to meet me in person, whether I am in the Netherlands or Thailand, the majority has shifted their preference to Virtual Coaching.

Not only due to the corona crisis but also due to the convenience, practicality and added privacy through Signal or Telegram App.

Although we have gone virtual, the service is still unparalleled after 16 years!

  1. International Coach, Counselor and Trainer since 2004

  2. Multicultural and Bilingual Master NLP Practitioner

  3. 7 days per week from 10 (Am) till 22:00 (10 PM) (my local time)

  4. More Privacy and Security through Telegram and Signal

  5. Faster, Safer, Cheaper and more discrete payment methods such as Transferwise, Bitcoin or Contact me.

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