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    Marriage/Relationship Coaching
    Sharing your life with your (same sex) partner can be wonderful. Many times partners feel neglected, left out or even abandoned because the other does not share! It is not about checking up on your partner but about sharing what […]
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    Lifestyle Coaching
    Many times we carry with us old patterns and behavior learned when we were young. Lifestyle coaching WILL get you a better, more happy and fulfilling life after you have done the work. Do you want to know how?   […]
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  • career conscious living coaching robbert nuis
    Career Coaching
    Take control of your career path again. You may think you can separate career from family life but the honest truth is, you are one and the same person and your unhappiness in either area WILL affect the other areas! […]
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About Robbert Jan

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My name is Robbert and I have been an expat for 47 years and a digital nomad for the past 20 years traveling and living in different countries while supporting myself with my off and online coaching practice. I have […]

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RJ DOS and Don’ts I don’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco I don’t drink coffee (tea rarely) and avoid any kind of “energy” drinks I eat healthily (some vegan/vegetarian/chicken/fish), mostly drink water and some juices I will indulge in some […]

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Someone who understands your struggles I’m Robbert Jan or RJ for short and I am a trained and certified Master NLP Practitioner and life coach for expats, digital nomads and anybody else I can help. I am an expat and […]

Expatriate Counselor


  • testimonial derrick lisa conscious living coaching robbert nuis

    Robbert, I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work and efforts that you contributed to our cause.  You have a beautiful heart and a soul full of love and compassion.  Please don’t ever change that, you are […]

    Testimonial Derrick & Lisa
  • Testimonial Gary conscious living coaching robbert nuis

    Thank You Robbert for all your hard work and diligence and trusting us to move forward. Unfortunately things beyond our control dictate our lives. I know in my heart of hearts we will rise above this and prevail soon. I […]

    Testimonial Gary
  • testimonial iceland conscious living coaching rj nuis

    Natasha L. Nur Sultan Kazakhstan – Hi Robbert-Jan, thank you for your message, everything is going well. I just defended my PhD thesis and I am very happy with my job. Actually the work vision you helped me to write […]

  • testimonial mexico conscious living coaching rj nuis

    S.T. Mexico – We were living in Rio and at some point we moved back home. Then they eliminated my position.  I started a job search, learned a lot, and landed a new job in 2016. I just got promoted […]

    Testimonial S.T. Mexico
  • testimonial bangkok conscious living coaching rj nuis

    S.C Bangkok – “It was very nice to meet you, and we definitely both felt it was a valuable day, talking to you, and going over our issues. We felt we can really work with this, and hopefully work out […]

    Testimonial S.C Bangkok
  • testimonial anonymous conscious living coaching rj nuis

    “I couldn’t believe what I discovered with Robert’s help. I had been holding on to old patterns for 20 years. It was tough to realize but made me happy as well. My road to self-discovery and healing had gone to […]

    Testimonial Anonymous

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